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In Loving Memory of Sharon Surratt

July 12, 1950 — June 15, 2020

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Order of Service

Chairman — Mike Brown

Processional — Song #145 (God's Promise of Paradise)

Opening Prayer — Jerry Hamilton

Reading of Obituary — Mike Brown

Discourse — Virgil Card

Closing Prayer — Virgil Card

Recessional — Song #151 (He Will Call)

Final Remarks — Joe Mazacek

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Obituary of Sharon Surratt

July 12, 1950 — June 15, 2020

Sharon Ann Surratt age 69 of Kansas City, MO passed away June 15, 2020, at St. Luke's Plaza Hospital.

Sharon Ann Surratt was born July 12, 1950, in Kansas City, Missouri to Leroy Herron Turner and Mable C Turner. She worked for Missouri Gas Company and Department of Agriculture as a receptionist for many years and she worked for Carondelet Care until she retired 1 1/2 years ago in December of 2018.

She graduated from Central High School in June of 1968. She dedicated her life to Jehovah in 1964 and served faithfully as a full-time minister for 30 years from 1990 to 2020. She aided several into serving Jehovah.

One of her favorite hobbies was cooking. She loved cooking and baking and was known for her delicious "earthquake cake and Italian soup".

Sharon fell in love with Melvin James Surratt and they wed on May 27th of 1972. They welcomed their 1st daughter Mykell Dashawn three years later. The had 'two' additional bundle of joy(s) Ryan Whitney James and Dione Courtnie and years later they had another beautiful daughter Arielle Ashleigh.

Family was very important to Sharon. Her brother and sisters loved her dearly and will always remember her kindness and compassion, her self sacrificing attitude, and most of all her sassiness. She loved her grandchildren immensely and was willing to give anything for them and others.

Sharon Surratt was proceeded in death by her father Leroy H Turner, her mother Mable C Turner, and her sister Beverly Card.

She is survived by spouse Melvin Surratt, children Mykell Haggard, Ryan Surratt, Courtnie Stephens, and Arielle Williams. Her grandchildren Rianne Surratt, Lahala Stephens, Kyla Stephens, and Zahn Surratt. Brother and sisters Walter Sawyer Jr III, Gloria Jean Langham, and Benita Jean Turner. Nephews: Walter Sawyer Jr and Miles Langham. Nieces: Marla Turner, Jerah Wiley, Tiffany Davis, and Tammy Sawyer. An Uncle, Clarence Reed, a host of cousins and many spiritual brothers, sisters, and spiritual children.

Sharon Surratt will be laid to rest at Longview Funeral Home and cemetery on the date of June 27th, 2020.

Memorial donations are suggested to Christian Congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses or JW.ORG.

Pictures to Remember

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The family wishes to acknowledge with deep appreciation the many expressions of love that you have shown us.

It goes without saying that during the time that Sharon was in the hospital and with her falling asleep in death we have experienced much anxiety and pain.

Your calls, text messages, flowers, meals, cards, and prayers on our behalf have been comforting and are deeply appreciated.

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